Photography is an old passion of mine and became a big part of my life when I first moved to UK from my native Portugal in 2000.  I’m fascinated by people, especially young minds, and this interest is shown in my portrait work. My approach to photography is to capture the world through candid shots and let myself be seduced by it every day. In addition to commissioned photography, I’m involved in 2 main projects at the moment. ”Roots” and “Urban Metabolism” reflect my passions for two of the best cities in the world- Porto and London, along with the importance of background and heritage in an increasingly multicultural world, and the dynamics of life in modern cities. These also push my technical and artistic development as a photographer. I graduated  in Early Years Education and spent a few years teaching young children. For the past 10 years I’ve been bringing up 3 gorgeous kids along with on and off projects that include living abroad, studying Psychology and master my photography skills. I’m based in London, United Kingdom and Porto, Portugal.   Arabela Medicis